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Whole Water Filtration Experts

Founded by a 40 year water treatment veteran and 30 year top level specialist, the Purity Bay multi-stage full home water processing system continues to exceed expectations.

While no system removes 100% of everything and the word pure has so many different meanings, the Purity Bay system and it’s customers service.

personnel have stood the test of time as one of the most workable and cost-effective long term solutions for a families delicious enjoyment,  purity, comfort and peace of mind.

Today the new generation, even more committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and the benefit of a system which is been distilled into the most proven and affordable practical solution for today’s very complex water.


What to Expect:

Practicality, luxury and economy for your family’s pleasure and health while protecting your biggest investment: The Home. The Finest Quality Home and Drinking Water System paid by just part of what it saves you.


The installation process is quick and straightforward. It usually takes just a few hours to install the entire system, and our customers notice the difference immediately. Judge it for yourself today. 

Through tests, surveys and testimonials plus our very biased opinion, Purity Bay offers the best solution on the market by far. Today’s Technology for Today’s Water. It’s affordable, low maintenance, and when experienced, your senses will instantly tell the difference in water quality. 

We enjoy meeting people who want real solutions for their families. Plus getting to know even more of our neighbors. We’d love to answer your questions and help you and your family understand how easy it is to begin experiencing crystal clean water in your home. Call now to learn more about our personalized systems.

Is it right for me?

Water is essential for hydration, cooking, and cleaning — but hygiene is equally important and complementary to the use of water.

Anyone living in the Tampa Bay Area can tell you that the water here can be problematic. Frequently, we talk to homeowners who are dealing with shower heads and faucets that have become calcified with mineral deposits from water. Other common issues are foul-smelling or bad tasting water and dishes that never feel totally and completely clean. And a lot of times people are dealing with dry, itchy, irritated skin and hair.

Most likely, if they’ve tried to use a water softener or conditioner, it’s just not getting the job done and most seem to need replacing every couple of years because the problems return. Bottled water falls short due to its high cost and waste.

Purity Bay has the exact water solution that Tampa residents need. Purity Bay 10X water processor with PurityMatrix technology is uniquely designed by a master water specialist with decades of experience dealing with problem water. The system is built to last and reduce contaminants with the bonuses of low maintenance resulting in savings over the long-term for over thousands of homeowners. We accept your challenge to prove it.

Purity Bay gives it’s clients safer, cleaner, better-tasting water right out of their faucet 24/7. This water solution translates into softer hair and skin, clean dishes, less maintenance on their home, and a lot less money spent on soaps, moisturizers, filters, and bottled water.

Most current solutions on the market are using 80 year old technology and only puts a Band-Aid on the problem requiring constant maintenance and replacements. Meaning, more money spent in the future. Also, it is not an uncommon practice for some to just dump different materials in a silver tank and like magic make all kinds of unreal claims. Soon after reality sets in and in and the problems return. You want proven long lasting performance for your family.

With over 75 years of combined technical experience Purity Bay is one of the very rare companies that has refined its product through years of field testing and thousands of customers. The result is a long-lasting, low maintenance solution that is sure to address virtually every concern families have relative to water purity. Our solutions will put your mind at ease, knowing that your family members are drinking and cleaning with pure water.