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Why Having a Clean Water Filtration System Is ImportantSo you’ve decided to invest in a whole home water filtration system for your home. Now you can look forward to crystal clear, delicious water straight from your tap, as well as higher quality water for tasks like cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Sounds great, right? It is, but there are some important things to consider, with the most pertinent being proper cleaning of your system. This week’s Purity Bay blog post discusses some of the reasons why cleaning your whole home water filtration system is a must.

Purity Bay is a water purification system dealer that specializes in home water solutions, as well as commercial water systems. Whether you need filtration systems for your home, office, or for new homes you’re building, Purity Bay has got you covered. Read this week’s blog post to understand the importance of cleaning your new filtration system and contact our team in El Paso or Tampa today!

What Do Water Filters Do?

Before we discuss why regular cleaning for your water filtration system is important, let’s first understand what they do. The purpose of water filters is to absorb toxins, sediments, and other contaminants you don’t want floating around in your drinking water. As humans, we need water to survive, and we should be drinking lots of it every single day, which makes a properly functioning and clean water filtration system one of the most important features in your home.

Below, you’ll find some of the reasons why it’s so important to stay on top of cleaning your whole home water filtration system. Reach out to the team at Purity Bay with any questions you may have.

Taste and Smell

You may be thinking, “water is water, it all tastes the same.” Believe it or not, though, there are certain things that can alter the taste and smell of your water, with some of them being a threat to your health. Water filters are designed to filter out any harmful or nasty chemicals and contaminants that may affect the flavor of your water, so without proper cleaning, more of these chemicals can seep through.


Sometimes, when it’s time for a filter change or cleaning, your water may become cloudy or murky. This is due to sediments, chemicals, and contaminants being able to make their way through your filter due to improper maintenance.

Decreased Functionality

When it’s time for a good cleaning, your whole home water filtration system may start to operate at a much slower rate than usual. This is because old minerals and bacteria begin to build up and make it more difficult for water to pass through.

Harmful Contaminants

While this one may be less obvious because they can’t always be seen with the naked eye, falling behind on cleaning your whole home water filtration system can become dirty and filled with a number of harmful contaminants.

Signs such as those mentioned above can be an indication that your water is filled with these contaminants and that you need to clean your filters as soon as possible. Contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, lead, and more can begin to creep in if your filter is improperly cleaned.

Your water is probably dirtier than you realize, which means it’s critical to keep up with cleaning your whole home water filtration system to avoid ingesting this nastiness.

How Do I Clean My System?

If you’ve noticed that it may be time to clean your system, you’re probably wondering how to go about it. Depending on your specific system, there may be certain requirements or techniques for cleaning. However, we’ve provided a general guide for how to clean your filtration system, which can be found here.

Contact our team of experts if you have any questions about cleaning your particular system.

Trust Purity Bay

If you’re in need of a new whole home water filtration system, reach out to our team at Purity Bay. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to help you select and install the most suitable filtration systems for your home in El Paso or Tampa.

Connect with us today to learn more about what our systems can do for you or to schedule your installation!

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Contaminated Water Causes Many Problems

  • Damaged Hair
  • Dishwasher Damage
  • Spotty Glasses
  • Itchy Skin
  • Water Stained Sink
  • Water Stained Shower

Filtrated Water Solves Many Problems

  • Damaged hair from hard water

    Damaged Hair

  • Dishwasher damage before and after a water filtration system

    Dishwasher Damage

  • One clean glass because of soft water and one spotty glass due to hard water

    Spotty Glasses

  • Itchy Skin

    Itchy Skin

  • Water Stained Sink

    Water Stained Sink

  • Hard water stained shower

    Water Stained Shower

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