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Complete Home Water Filtration System for New Homes

Are you a builder looking to offer your clients a better complete home water filtration system from the beginning? A real value added product. Purity Bay is the best option for the new home builder and new homeowner who wants their water and plumbing system in pristine shape for many years.

We feel that every home should have our custom whole home system because we develop the full house water purification systems to match the regional water quality. We understand that there are many options for builders. Instead of going with the lowest cost from a plumbing store, we encourage you to learn more about what we can do how our systems are the best solution for the homeowner.​

We also understand that the last thing you as a builder want is a call about a problem. You would have peace of mind with our systems because you can always refer to our local dealer for service in the many years to come.


Offer A Premium Whole Home Water Systems In Your Custom Homes & Remodel Projects


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Today’s Water Requires Today’s Technology: NOT LAST CENTURY’S!

Softeners are old technology that were developed for the water industry a century ago. The water is not the same and continues to change and be complex, so a softener would only give you a band-aid for your concerns. With Purity Bay you will have the softest water!

Hard water filtration systems help remove a bit of the contaminants, however if not properly maintained they can be feeding grounds for bacteria which leads to undesired effects for you and your family. Purity Bay offers special technology inhibiting bacteria growth.

Conditioners leads to years of maintenance issues. It traps the customer with proprietary parts including filters and service, which, if not purchased, lead to threats to void any warranty the company gives. Purity Bay is low maintenance and you can take it anywhere you move too.

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