Frequently Asked Questions

My skin feels like the soap doesn’t come off.

 This is the feeling of your natural oils coming to the surface. You can do a taste test and you will notice that you just taste water and skin!

When does my system need cleaning and does it clean itself?

Purity Bay systems are D.I.R. That means DEMAND – INITIATED – REGENERATION. (cleaning) So it cleans on demand.  The demand is based on settings we program into the head so that the system will clean itself only when needed. The system will clean itself automatically at 2AM.

How much salt should I use?

Since your system cleans itself on demand it is hard to offer a real pin-point answer on this. But we recommend that you monitor the salt and find your systems rhythm based on your families use. We also recommend that you keep the salt level in the Brine tank at about 1/3 to ½ and no more! The reason for this is that the salt will tend to harden at the upper level of the water level that is automatically filled by the computer causing what we call a SALT BRIDGE. This will not allow the salt to go down resulting in NO REGENERATION.

What kind of salt?

We only recommend the SALT CRYSTAL or SOLAR SALT for use in the Purity Bay system. But you can use pellets on occasion if you don’t find Crystals. Your system can also use Potassium. Potassium is way more expensive though.

How often do I need to replace my drinking system filters?

Filters should be replaced no later than 18 months. Sooner if the taste changes. The reason we can extend the life is that the Purity System is doing the heavy lifting. Some clients replace them every 12 months. The MEMBRANE needs to be changed every 6 yrs. Your system has 4 replacement filters and the MEMBRANE.

What are the service charges if my system fails or needs to be checked?

Your Purity Bay System has a Limited Life Time Warranty. You will have a copy attached further back in this book. The Drinking System has a 5 Yr. Warranty. You will also find a copy of that in this book. If you have an issue that requires a service call a Standard Trip Charge will be assessed after you have the unit for one year. Pure Solutions are the Authorized Warranty and Service Providers for the PURITY BAY system.

Do I need to do any changes to the setting of the computer head of the PURITY BAY UNIT!

We set the computer to clean itself based on the Water Hardness, plus also how long to rinse and flush. Those setting stay resident in the computer even if the electricity goes out. So, all you need to do is set the time if you have a power failure. Otherwise it will be fine. Should the water quality or hardness change, and changes are recommended, Pure Solutions will help you with that information and make those suggestions.

Water equipment: expense or investment?

Many studies have been done that prove that good treated water saves you hundreds of dollars a year while protecting your home and improving the quality of your health. Stop wasting money to deal with the effects of hard water! Invest it in good water filtration! The return on your investment will amaze you! The cost of water treatment equipment is usually 1/3 of what it saves you. Sounds unreal but that is what we hear from our clients.

What are the benefits of life with higher quality water?

Water touches every part of our lives from health, to cleanliness, to rejuvenation of energy, to enjoyment of what we eat and drink, to the care of everything we own. You would be amazed at how many things we can benefit from just using purified clean water. Some of the benefits and recommendations for water filtration are outlined here in the President’s Cancer Panel.