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10x Your Water Quality

Your water is unique and the home water solutions you need should be too. At Purity Bay we have customized a multi-stage processor to handle concerns in the area based on municipal water reports and our personalized analysis. So, whether you are in the dry dessert, mountains, or below sea level; we have a solution for you. Your municipal water company does a tremendous job addressing local contaminants, making sure the levels are in “safe” and “acceptable” ranges. However, because over 66% of the water that they treat is used for industrial purposes it is often just wasted. 33% enters homes but is then used for bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning, leaving the last 1% for personal consumption. It is left up to the homeowners to take responsibility to increase the quality of the water in their own home by enlisting the help of the local Florida home water filter companies.

10x Whole Home Processor

Our Multi-Stage Processor is the most desired and complete system available. We have upgraded our previous systems due to over 20 years of field-testing using the latest technology available today. While no system is perfect, we have taken responsibility for the changes in the water and have the confidence that our system will overcome the complexities of any water quality issue. Our 10-stage processor may address impurities such as: chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, asbestos, cadmium, chloroform, chromium, coliform bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, lead, pesticides, mercury, salmonella bacteria, silver, trichloroethane, and many others.


10 stage whole home processor

Salt-free Systems

Ion exchange is the most successful method to handle the hardness in the water; however we understand that some homeowners do not want to deal with the maintenance of salt. Purity bay uses an exclusive media that will reduce the scale and the spots without the maintenance of salt or potassium. This media is intergraded with our multi-stage processor so you will still be addressing the impurities that our regular 10-stage processor would be.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a continuous operating treatment technology that separates impurities from water by using pressure to pass water through a thin membrane. This thin membrane has pores small enough to pass pure water through while rejecting larger molecules such as dissolved salts and other impurities such as bacteria. It produces highly purified water for drinking water systems, food and beverage processing, industrial boilers, cosmetics, seawater desalination, and many other applications. It has been a recognized technology for more than a century and commercialized since the 1960’s.

Reverse Osmosis-new1

Under Counter Sink Filter

CARBONBLOCK-TS3 is the first ever Activated Carbon Filter combined with Titansorb Crystalline Powder for high capacity of Heavy metal removal. The benefits of high removal of Organics as well as self-regenerable through Photocatalyst properties. The direct replacement for reverse osmosis for drinking water.

CARBONBLOCK-TS3 cartridges are considered to be the most advanced method for reducing a broad spectrum of toxic contaminants based on organics and inorganics including prescription drugs and BPA.

CARBONBLOCK-TS3 cartridges implement two different filtration stages, combining Activated Carbon and Titansorb with both electro kinetic adsorption and physiochemical adsorption. Titansorb-P is the most effective due to its high photocatalytic activity, chemical stability, nontoxic nature and its highest absorption capacity.



CARBONBLOCK-TS3 remove 99% of Heavy Metals from Water contaminated with Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Mercury, Nickel, Fluorides, Radioactive metals and Lead.


Quantum Disinfection

Quantum Disinfection™ is a revolutionary technology that uses quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces. This is the latest technology that is an efficient method to disinfect your water. A new alternative to UV light. It can be added to your drinking filters, whole home, wells, and even your reverse osmosis system.This is the first time such a technology has been used to disinfect water.


QD is used as a safeguard against HPC’s for RO systems. Acts like a UV light to disinfect.

Oxygen Baths

No need to pay high dollar amounts at famous Spas that offer oxygen baths. We are able to offer you the exact technology at your home. This system has been patented and engineered to give you all the benefits of Oxygen baths directly to you.

What is Nanobubble Hydrotherapy?

The nanobubble system is a revolutionary system that saturates your bathwater with billions of tiny air bubbles called Micro / Nano Bubbles that will turn your bathwater a milky white. Frequent bathing in Micro/Nano Bubbles will help deep-clean skin pores to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. Micro / Nano Bubbles are tiny bubbles, the size of 0.2 microns; 250 times smaller than skin pores (30-50 microns). These bubbles will dive deep into the skin to remove toxins, dust, and other impurities. Visit our Before & After Photos page to see the remarkable effects of this nanobubble technology.

Explore the Benefits of Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Our portable nanobubble hydrotherapy device is a revolutionary system that saturates your bathwater with billions of tiny air bubbles, high levels of dissolved oxygen, anions, and consistent heat to collectively combine and form an additive-free bathing experience that improves skin and relaxes the body.

While beneficial to any bather, the properties of nanobubble bathing can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life for those who struggle with skin disease management.

Benefits of Nanobubble Hydrotherapy:

💧 Skin irritation relief

💧 Bacteria removal/odor reduction

💧 Superior skin hydration

💧 Improved Toxin Removal

💧 Gentle Exfoliation/debridement

💧 Improved skin metabolism & healing


What are the dimensions of the Portable Nanobubble Hydrotherapy Device? The Nanobubbler is 20″ x 13″ x 8″ and the jetbox is approximately 5.24″ x 5.25″ x 5″.


Other P.O.U. (Point of use)

We also have other filters for refrigerators, icemakers, showerheads, and RV’s.