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Office Water Filtration System

Tired of dealing with bottled water service? Running out before their next delivery? Unsure of the quality?

Purity bay offers a bottle-less Hot/Cold dispenser with the capability of producing up to 100 gallons per day. Some models include icemakers. Call us for a quote on purchase or leasing options.

Purity Bay offers the water filtration system that can best provide your business with the fresh and clean drinking water your employees need. We offer a variety of bottleless water dispensers to match the needs of your employees. Stop the inconvenience and waste of water delivery with our office water filtration system today. For more information on how to provide the best water for your business in Texas or Florida, contact Purity Bay today!

Icemakers and Dispensers


Compact Countertop Ice-Maker


Countertop Ice & Water Dispenser


Ice & Water Dispensers


Ice & Water Dispensers


Premium Ice & Water Dispenser